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Portfolio Manager :-

Your Portfolio Manager is an essential tool in for keeping track of your day-to-day trading. Even if your trades are profitable, your cash balance ebbs and flows.

Use this simple but highly useful tool to better anticipate and respond to your constantly changing cash position. As a Stock Trader, you know you can't pay bills with profit, it takes cash. There can be a big difference between the amount of profit you may be earning and the amount of cash you have to cover bills.

This Portfolio Manager is a tool to help you understand and manage the cash flow dynamics of your Trading. Designed specifically for traders, it can be used on a daily basis and has many applications. It can alert you in advance of potential problems, so you have time to make adjustments or other arrangements before you find yourself in a crisis situation.

It can also help you predict your ability to create the cash necessary for improvements, and make it easy for you or your bookkeeper to get a handle on your daily trading.

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