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Advisor 7
Advisor 7 Prices  
Exchange fees apply to all real-time subscriptions.  
Real Time Monthly Prices Annualy prices 30 Day Trial Availlable Add-On Download
Advisor 7 150 USD 1500 USD yes News,Studies, Delayed Service Bundles and Individual Delayed Exchanges, Other
Advisor 7 Integrated Trade Management System
  • Real-time market data, market-moving news and market-guiding research
  • Equities, options, futures and index data directly from the world's exchanges with tick and historical data, as well as Forex and Fixed Income pricing
  • The fastest, most reliable market data network available today
  • Ease of use and effortless connectivity -- a completely portable solution
  • Advanced charting with a flexible user interface, full array of line drawing tools, advanced analytics, library  of technical indicators and Formula Wizard to build your own studies
  • Competitive pricing, including volume discounts
  • Connectivity with your broker's order entry platform or with a trading service provider right
  • Ability to place trades and manage orders quickly and efficiently from within charts
  • Award-winning data, technical analysis, decision support and trade management all in one
Advisor 7 :- Features
  • Dashboard with Dynamic Quote
  • Symbol and Interval Linking
  • Elliott Waves
  • All Exchange List
  • Charting
  • Expert Trend Locator
  • Gann Box
  • Data from the World’s Exchanges
  • Enterprise Server
  • Moving Average
  • Smart Pivots
  • Price Clusters
  • Market Condition Indicators
  • Market News from around the World
  • Symbol Search
  • Symbol and Interval Linking
  • Trade Profile
  • Smart Pivots
  • Time and Price Squares
  • False Bar Stochastic
Back Testing and Strategy Analyzer System Requirement
  • Professional, user-friendly tools for developing strategies that work
  • Ability to test total performance, as well as individual trades
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