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O2F2 Pro
O2F2 Pro Prices  
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Real Time Monthly Prices Annualy prices 30 Day Trial Availlable Add-On Download
O2F2 Pro 100 USD 900 USD yes News,Studies, Delayed Service Bundles and Individual Delayed Exchanges, Other
O2F2 Pro is the premier global market data and analytics platform for the broker, institutional trading and sell-side community. Professionals need broad content, reliability, flexibilit.
O2F2 Pro provides: System Requirements
  • Real-time market data, market-moving news and market-guiding research
  • Equities, options, futures and index data directly from the world's exchanges with tick and historical data, as well as Forex.
  • The fastest, most reliable market data network available today
  • Ease of use and effortless connectivity -- a completely portable solution
  • charting with a flexible user interface, full array of line drawing tools, advanced analytics, library of technical indicators.
  • Competitive pricing, including volume discounts
O2F2 Pro Features  
  • Alerts
  • All Exchange List
  • Charting
  • Back Date Data
  • Data Export and Dynamic Data Exchange
  • Data from the World’s Exchanges
  • Fundamentals Data
  • Global Portfolio Window
  • Market Condition Indicators
  • Market News from around the World
  • Symbol Search
  • Symbol and Interval Linking
  • Volume Weighted Average Price
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