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Seminar Descriptions

Give yourself the insight into how true professionals and consistently profitable traders make their living. Find out if you are taking full advantage of the information provided improving your trading performance in the CashFlow strategy. Incorporating new trading strategies into your trading model will always come with a few questions.

  • Discuss everything from how to setup your trading platform or just have him do it for you. Learn from a seasoned trader and forget about making costly mistakes, make more successful educated trades.
  • Trade Setups that you will use to pull money out of the market everyday
  • Use bar-by-bar analysis to keep you objective and in the moment
  • Uncover profitable strategies to help you make more money. Get your trading questions answered and immediately apply what you've learned ...
  • Use Trend Analysis to stay on the right side of the market
  • your style will depend on your level of commitment and experience.
  • Create the Proper Trading Psychology
  • Enter your trades at precisely the right moment for larger gains
  • Sell incrementally into strength in order to maximize your profits per trade
  • Hold onto your positions longer for maximum gains and when to do this
  • Place stops at exactly the right place and Money Management
  • Increase your contract size to make larger profits consistently
  • Prepare for each trading day
  • Draw proper support and resistance lines and interpret daily trading day ranges before the market opens
These seminars are for any experience level and are geared to help you make money in any market condition!  
trading instruments making them great for day-trading. By narrowing the trader’s focus during the trading day to a few markets, the goal is to create a relaxed trader that is ready act, but only at the right time. Learning market internals and the proper way to evaluate them will accomplish this. If you are a stock trader, the skills learned will increase the profitability of your trades by combining those trades with correct market timing. Most stocks move with the market or are affected by its movement to some degree.
Begin your journey to becoming a better trader in our FREE MARKET BASICS SEMINAR. It prepares you for success by showing you how the stock market really works and introduces you to the principles of successful trading
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